Handsome Male To Females/Ladies/Women Full Body Massage Services in Pune

Art of Tantra, Massage Services in Pune City, India. The Tantric Massage is also known as sensuous massage. The original purpose of a Tantric massage is to stimulate Kundalini energy with the goal of physical or emotional healing. Kundalini translates directly to ‘coiled’, referring to an unconscious, libidinal force said to rest within every human being. The experience of sensual awakening this energy has many effects upon the body that are said to be akin to spiritual enlightenment. There are various methods for awakening this energy: actively or passively. The active method most often involves a form of yoga or meditation, whilst the passive approach must be experienced through a teacher who has already experienced the awakening.

Cloud9 offering luxury Massage Treatments in Pune,India. You will be handle by Handsome Hot Young Strong Trusted Professional Masseur – Yash and your satisfaction is guaranteed.